My Movie Came Out – “White Water”

My Movie Came Out – “White Water”

"White Water" - Movie Poster

“White Water” – Movie Poster

White Water is a movie based on the true story of a young black boy growing up in Opelika, AL in the 1960’s obsessed with the desire to drink out of the “Whites Only” water fountains in the segregated south. It’s playing on TV ONE all February, just in time for Black History Month.

The film stars Larenz Tate and Sharon Leal and me, Comedian Pat Brown, playing the role of Sophia, owner of the local juke joint.

I had great time on the set with Director Rusty Cundieff, (also directed me in the movie “Somebodies”) who trusted me, and allowed me to improvise comedically.  I equally enjoyed and valued the opportunity to watch and learn from the excellence of veteran actor Larenz Tate as he prepared and executed a few of his scenes.
During our late night filming Larenz made water into wine, or rather water into expressos by buying out the coffee truck for the cast and crew, which kept us happy and awake in the wee hours, as we finished up the last day of filming. Major “good guy” baller move!

White Water - Movie Scene

White Water – Movie Scene

Acting and comedy are so very different but I loved the challenge and discipline of acting and plan to do a lot more. So, if you’re a director or know a director, and you want a funny comic with acting and improv skills, “HIT ME UP, I’m coachable!”