I’m Self-Producing My Comedy Album

pat brown-sextape flyer for dec 11

I’m Self-Producing My Comedy Album

I watched the 2015 Emmys. And like many of you, I was delighted to see the few dots of black female actresses, win and then accept Emmys for their excellence. It made me cry. Despite an industry that routinely excludes black women, these warriors, undaunted, continued to work and become excellent at the craft they love. Their triumph inspires me and affirms my belief that “all is possible”.

That said, I’m producing and taping my first comedy album. This is new for me. I am scared to death. But I know, the thing you most fear directly correlates to the thing that holds the highest importance to your growth.

This album is my investment in my talent and in my deep belief, that what I have to offer the world is valuable.

So I ask you all, friends and fans alike to help support my venture and come out to my live album taping.

December 11th, 2015

New York Comedy Club

241 East 24th St

New York , NY 10010.

I promise to be my very best.

Purchase tickets now.

Early Bird Special ONLY $10. Limited time only.

Promo Code: pbsextape

7:00 pm show: http://bit.ly/7pmshowpb

9:15 pm show: http://bit.ly/9pmshow 

Thank you all. Look forward to seeing you at the show.