Showing Your Ass

Kim Kardashian's Butt

Showing Your Ass

KimK-magazine-pose“SHOWING YOUR ASS”


Growing up, often I’d hear, parents in hushed harsh voices, in front of storefronts, warning their kids, not to, “show your ass”. Meaning: refrain from all behavior, that would cause a parent, needless embarrassment. For me and my siblings, this was a useless advisement, since our father, provisionally, had removed each of our asses long ago.


Recently, Kim Kardashian’s literal “showing of her ass”, unleashed a social media storm and raised the ire of many, who felt, she was an embarrassment, and worthy of ridicule. Some of the more vocal and vitriolic objectors, viewed Kim’s nude photo shoot as unconscionable primarily, because she’s a mother.


I disagree. In fact, I disagreed with most of the arguments waged against Mrs. Kardashian-West.


Here are 3 of most popular.


As a mother, she should hold herself to a higher standard.


This argument is sexist. If, Kanye West posed naked (please don’t), would any objections be raised, solely, because he’s a father? No. It’s silly. And fatherhood is, as important, as motherhood–somebody has to fight off the lion, while the baby breast-feedsduh! Therefore, any expectation of parental standards of behavior, should be applied equally. So, what again, are our expectations for fathers? Hmm. What is… society’s standards of behavior–for them?


Like most things male, it’s sparse and uncomplicated:


  1. Love your kid
  2. Support your kid
  3. Shelter your kid from harm
  4. Don’t harm your kid
  5. Don’t have sex with women in front of your kid


Now, judge Kim if you must, but only, by these standards.


Only a woman with low moral values would want to pose nude.


First of all, the few blurred-out photos made public, none, were overly-sexualized poses. Basically, a nude body. And nudity, isn’t inherently immoral. Neither is, public nudity. Although, if necessary, I’d vote “against” it, if the alternative meant, I had to sit next to someone naked and sweaty, on a crowded 3 train.There are nude societies, but, probably…none with mass transit.


Secondly, we all want attention. Kim’s a celebrity, who loves–probably craves–and brilliantly, creates–constant attention for herself; so deciding to pose nude, is simply an extension of that drug. We’re no different. We see it daily. Check Facebook. Check the profile photos: the many shirtless men, preening and flexing, in front of their weight benches or women’s postings, scantily-clad in selfies, looking both, pouty and uninterested.

Ahh…those Likes, and those sweet Comments…We love ‘em. We do. We’re all, just one-million Likes away, from posing nude in our favorite magazine. “Call me, Bon Appétit!”


Nobody is interested in seeing Kim nude, beyond the rubber-necking types.


We know that’s not true. Everybody is interested in seeming somebody naked. We are sexual creatures. And, there’s an undeniable appeal, in wanting to see a celebrity’s ass–especially, a hot celebrity. I’ll admit, there are more than a few, celebrity asses, I’d love to see–but, less publicly. I’d prefer, a private showing, like how I image, they show expensive designer wedding gowns and rare diamonds–something with a viewing room, and a velvety plush sitting area–in a shocking purple (whatever that means), with high-tech security protocols and a menacing Jason Statem-looking armed-guard.




I won’t be buying Kim’s magazine issue. I understand and support her decision to pose nude but it holds no allure–for me. It doesn’t strike me as special. I–need to feel special. So, no matter how sexy the celebrity or how sexy the celebrity’ ass, having to see it, in a magazine feels like a consolation prize. It feels, too much like getting the participation trophy, they hand out, at a kid’s sport camp.


All in all, if you objected to Kim’s naked photo of her ass, you’re really going to hate the frontal pose–STILL NAKED! Kim’s a grown woman and harming no one, her actions, don’t justify spewing vitriol and hate–so stop it, you’re “showing your ass”.